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  • Mobile Gaming Platforms

    05 December 2020

    The mobile gaming platform market has exploded over the last few years with many companies jumping on the bandwagon. Consumers are no longer satisfied to merely be "enthusiastic" about a new game that looks interesting or promises fun. Today's consumers...

  • Things to Consider when Choosing a Mobile Gaming Portal

    05 December 2020

    A lot of people these days have smartphones. One thing about smartphones is that they have so many uses. One of the main things that people use smartphones for is mobile gaming. There are so many types of mobile games that one can be able to lay on their...

  • Mobile Gaming Platform

    05 December 2020

    With all the news surrounding augmented reality and virtual reality it is no surprise that many companies are looking to create an open source mobile gaming platform. Augmented reality refers to creating an environment that includes elements of the real...